Like A Beehive, The Hill Was Alive

by Trappist Afterland


This is the 3rd album by Trappist Afterland Band
all songs written and produced by adam cole


released October 22, 2016

this album is dedicated to Neil Sweeney .

Special thanks to Nigel Spencer(Eleven Willows)Nathan Ford(The Active Listener) , David Folkman Droust (Dendron Records)Perry Holt (PBS) Ant James and Simon Norfolk(Sunstone Records) and all our friends and family.

Adam Cole-vocals,acoustic guitar,percussion ,oud,lute,dan bau monochord,frame drum ,bodhran,tibetan bells,hand bells,tambourine,gongs,spoken word,shofar,dulcitar,e bowed krajappi,melodicar,klong klaak,wooden flute,fanned guitar, venetian blinds,tanpura
Brett Poliness-organ,vocals,drums and percussion
Phil Coyle-tablas',vocals
HakGwai Lau-Erhu

Adam Casey-Jews harp,hurdy gurdy ,hammered dulcimer
Tony Dupe-cello
Tony Cornish-acoustic bass
Jodie Cornish -spoken word
Ron Telfer-spoken word.



Pointy Little Heads Helena, montana

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